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Parry Archive Donated to the Thomas Cole Site

The late scholar Ellwood C. Parry spent a lifetime compiling a research library of Thomas Cole material, and now the entire archive has been donated to the Thomas Cole Historic Site by Michael Altman of Michael Altman Fine Art & Advisory Services. Parry traveled to all known public and private collections of Thomas Cole letters and papers and created his own copy set that is arranged in chronological order, narrating the artist's life. The archive also contains thousands of images of all of the Cole paintings and drawings that Parry could locate and authenticate, as well as copies of every article written about Thomas Cole that Parry could find until his premature death from cancer in September 2005. Parry taught art history at Columbia University (1969-1975) and the University of Iowa (1976-1981) before joining the University of Arizona where he taught for 24 years. Michael Altman Fine Art & Advisory Services is a private gallery located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, specializing in rare masterpieces of American paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Altman has a history of supporting the Thomas Cole Historic Site and has sponsored exhibitions and research projects at the site. Shown at right is a snapshot of how Parry's archive appeared in his own home.

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