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Thomas Cole's "New Studio" is underway

The plans are set, we have our building permit, the contractor has been hired, and the groundbreaking is next week. It is really happening: Thomas Cole's New Studio will at last be rebuilt. I invite you to follow our construction progress on the New Studio page: This beautiful little building was designed by Thomas Cole and built across the lawn from his home here in Catskill in 1846. Sadly it was torn down in 1973, but now after years of careful planning and research, it rises again.


Innerworkings - September 2009

Very exciting development! (at least for us Thomas Cole and/or architecture finatics): the architect (the accomplished and wonderful Marilyn Kaplan) whom we hired to do the inital research on Thomas Cole's "New Studio", which stood here on the property from 1846 until 1973, has produced some initial drawings showing what the building actually looked like. At right is the west elevation, which would have faced Spring Street. How great is it to see this building rise from the ashes, at least on paper! Thomas Cole designed the building himself, and it served as his studio from 1846 until he died in 1848. It was a truly beautiful building, with italianate styling and whimsical details such as wooden acorns adorning the corners. These drawings are the first step in our process to bring the building back, in the exact footprint of the original (which was just across the lawn from the Main House.) Stay tuned for more progress on this front.