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Newly published - a different side of Thomas Cole

Currently splashed across the home page of "Virginia Quarterly" and soon to appear in the print edition is a new article by Jean Dunbar, a brilliant researcher with whom we've been working over the last several years to investigate the original look and arrangement of the interior rooms of Cole's home and studios. Along the way, she discovered something about Thomas Cole that had never been fully explained -- how did he suddenly emerge on the art scene in 1825 as an accomplished painter with seemingly little or no prior training? It turns out that the answer was hiding in plain sight.


New York Times Article

The best publicity you can get, an article in The New York Times, has just appeared in print and online. Here is the perma-link:

We took an all-day hike with the article's author Ben Genocchio last week, and luckily his good humor and enthusiasm were not dampened by getting caught in a rain shower on our return from site #7, Sunset Rock, nor from getting a bit lost along the way. Enjoy the article, and enjoy the fall colors out there on the Hudson River School Art Trail before the leaves all fall to the ground.


Press coverage of Cedar Grove

The August issue of American Art Review features an article about the Thomas Cole National Historic Site and our exhibition River Views of the Hudson River School, written by director Elizabeth Jacks.